Traffic jam disturbs public life near Express Highway


ISLAMABAD: When work started two years back on the Islamabad Signal Free Corridor, the people residing along the Expressway from Koral Chowk to Rawat had taken a sigh of relief with a desire of smooth traveling on a widened road.

But their desires dashed to ground when all of a sudden, the work was stopped on the project apparently due to paucity of funds and adversities plagued the people in the form of accidents and frequent traffic blockage on this one of the busiest roads in the capital.

It sucks the mind and heart of commuters when they travel from Gulberg Chowk to Rawat spoiling their precious time and playing havoc with their vehicles through a massive use ‘clutch, brake and accelerator’ trio. Traveling on this road is nonetheless a painstaking exercise every day for the people who had shifted to suburbs of the capital in a quest to avoid rushes and traffic jams.

Most often, they think that their money spent on buying new houses in the countryside go astray because of the persisting problem. Occupying all the three lanes of the depilated road during peak rush hours is a nuisance itself but lethargy of traffic police is another feather to the cap.

On Tuesday, excessive traffic jam and apathy of the Islamabad Traffic Police was witnessed on the Expressway as well due to bursting of truck tyres in the middle of the road, causing lot of problems to commuters who were traveling on the way to reach offices, businesses and for other chores in the capital city.

It was surprising for all the commuters and citizens of the twin-cites that the Islamabad Traffic Police had no arrangements to remove the truck from the middle of the road to clear the way. The traffic jam started nearly around 7:45 when two tyres of a truck on way to Faizabad burst suddenly near Gulberg Intersection, blocking the thoroughfare for traffic heading towards Faisal Avenue for more than four years.