Federer Or Tendulkar?


Cricket meets tennis.

Yesterday one of the grandest stages of one sport witnessed the harmonizing of two by a legend. With Federer’s eternal rival Rafael Nadal having expressed his love for football on multiple occasions by being a Real Madrid fan, maybe he thought about  expanding his horizons, with a forward defense that reminded fans of Sachin Tendulkar. I was certainly fooled. With the cricketing legend in the stands himself it could be interpreted as a tribute from one sporting great to another.

The to and fro between the twitters of Wimbledon and ICC was a happy distraction from the usual animosity that surronds the sport of cricket

Roger Federer is usually renowned for defending tennis titles and not defensive forward plays, but the perfectly executed move displayed The Swiss Maestro’s abundant talent and knowledge of sport.

Regardless of the motives behind it or lack there of, the only certainty is that it was enjoyable for everyone involved. Here’s to seeing the Helicopter shot from him in the quarter final and a half volley from India’s Virat Kohli in their upcoming test series against England.