WASA report suggests 80pc water supplied unsafe for human consumption


RAWALPINDI: A laboratory report from the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) stated that more than 80 per cent of water supplied by private tanker services in the city is unfit for human consumption.

According to a local media report, the study was conducted by WASA following the Supreme Court’s direction to streamline illegal water hydrants and private tankers. The report was then presented to Commissioner Captain (r) Saif Anjum during a meeting at his offices on Saturday. The meeting was chaired by was chaired by the divisional commissioner and attended by Wasa Managing Director Raja Shaukat Mehmood and senior officials from the Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonment boards.

Wasa’s water quality laboratory testing found that 53 illegal water hydrants were supplying water through private tanker services that is not fit for human consumption.

It was further reported that most of NA-59 and parts of NA-60, around Jhelum Road and Airport Road, were acquiring water from private tankers. Moreover, the water hydrants that supply water was not fit for human consumption.

The report further stated that ‘the district administration has decided to streamline matters by imposing a fee of private tanker services and legalising hydrants, as well as supplying water after it has been chlorinated.’

The commissioner directed authorities to ensure clean water supply to citizens, moreover, directed WASA to monitor the price of the water being supplied by tankers.

“The water crisis was a serious issue and should be handled through proper management so that every citizen has access to water as they require,” the commissioner said.

Moreover, it was reported that WASA has taken notice of this and has started working towards supplying clean water.