Haripur university expels six Afghan students for assaulting fellows


PESHAWAR: A public university in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has expelled six foreign students for physically assaulting local students and violating the varsity’s discipline.

A notification, circulating on social media, issued by the Registrar Office of the University of the Haripur on July 4 says the Afghan students were studying in Pakistan under Pak-Afghan Project (PAP) funded by the Higher Education Commission.

It adds the foreign students have been expelled “on account of their violation of university discipline and involvement in an unprovoked physical assault against the university students”.

The accused students include Shahbuddin, Shameem, Abdullah, Matiullah, Nasrullah, and Ahmed Ibrahim.

Following the incident, authorities also called the police to control the situation. The accused students have been put behind the bars by the security official.

The government of Pakistan is offering scholarships to Afghan youth for their capacity building through imparting quality education in various fields.

The aim of this project is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan and further it will enhance people to people contacts between both neighbouring states.