K-Electric’s anti-theft campaign: 500 meters of underground cable confiscated


KARACHI: Continuing with its efforts to eradicate power-theft and curbing the menace of load-shedding, K-Electric is conducting an anti-theft drive in different areas of the city.

During an effective operation conducted in the water-treatment plant-2 area of Mehmoodabad, K-Electric teams removed more than 500 meters of underground cables, weighing more than 700 Kilograms.

According to details, the culprits involved in the theft were arrested and an FIR was lodged against them. Through this operation, more than 200 illegal hooked-connections (Kunda) were removed. The power-supply in the area has greatly improved and the transmission losses will be reduced.

In the past, K-Electric teams along with the law enforcement agencies have conducted several raids in this area and facilitation camps were also set-up for the consumers. Similarly, this time too, the power-utility of Karachi aimed at discouraging illegal connections in Mehmoodabad by thoroughly searching the area to identify all illegal connections and other malpractices.

Alongside the disconnections, a facilitation camp was also set up to allow the residents to get their connections regularized, whereby more than 150 consumers have conveniently acquired their new meters.

K-Electric is striving to reduce the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses using several effective methods, whereby these losses have been reduced by 14 per cent since the year 2009.

The company’s spokesperson said that power-theft causes faults and leads to interruptions in the supply of electricity. K-Electric appreciates all communities and institutions that support its actions against the power theft.