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Abdullah Qureshi drops nostalgic new single ‘Kali Santro’

The Nescafe basement famed Abdullah Qureshi has released his new single titled ‘Kali Santro’ (Black Santro) as he takes a trip down memory lane.

The reason this song has sentimental value is that this was the very first car owned by Qureshi himself as he remembers the setbacks caused by the car with fondness and cherishing the memories that were left behind.

What starts off with an interesting video right from the start with the Urdu credits turns into a catchy Punjabi country song, that everybody is humming these days.

‘Kali Santro’ is an amalgamation of Karachi’s local and 70’s retro culture – the attire and makeup is another plus point in the visuals to keep you hooked.

The video is set in a reverie state which is a perfect blend of comedy and drama. The singer plays the male lead as a Punjabi Driver and Mahila Chaudhary as the ‘Melody Queen’ and lip syncs Nimra Mehra’s vocals.

The fusion of East and West that adds colours to the backdrop set in a local dhaba with the banjo playing in the background.

It reminds you of the 50s era with Qureshi’s raw vocals and Nimra Mehra who reenacts the sound of the fifties with panache. The single is composed and written by Abdullah Qureshi with Melvin Arthur on the banjo and fretless bass and produced by Hassan Omer. The video is directed by Usman Mukhtar.

Abdullah says that his songs are a reflection of who he is and a ‘Kali Santro’ played a major role in the whole growing up experience. This young lad is slowly rising in the music industry and what is interesting is that he is a self-taught musician who began his musical journey almost a decade ago.

He is more of a person who’d perform live because, according to him, ‘nothing can compare to the direct interaction with the audience’.

We are absolutely in love with this new single. Let us know your thoughts.

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