15 dead, over 50 injured due to heavy rainfall in Lahore


LAHORE: Heavy rainfall in Lahore over the past two days has resulted in the deaths of 15 people and injuries to another 50 people.

A roof collapse in the Johar Town area of Lahore resulted in the deaths of a father and his son while the three-year-old daughter suffered injuries.

The rainfall brought life to a standstill in the provincial capital with damaged roads, poor drainage and electricity short circuiting causing loss to property.


Heavy rain in Lahore and other parts of Punjab have brought life to a standstill.

Roads and streets in the city were flooded with the municipal administration facing difficulty in repairing drainage systems.  In some areas, heavy machinery had to be brought in to resolve the problem.

Electricity supply in many parts of the city were also affected were reports suggesting that more than 300 electric feeders in the city tripped due to rain.

On Wednesday, officers from the Pakistan Army helped municipal administration fill up a sinkhole at the GPO Chowk that emerged during heavy rainfall.