14 buses provided by UN for women go dysfunctional in Peshawar


PESHAWAR: Fourteen buses donated by UN for women only have gone dusty at Peshawar bus stand in Abbottabad and  Mardan since last two months.

To this context officials told that these buses of Japan costing about Rs 100 billion and it will take two months for making them operational. UN office for projects services pink buses have been handed over to provincial government on May 11 and have been parked in open adjoining to GT road at Lahore Bus stand.

It has been further told that 7 buses each have been for Abbottabad and Mardan and one bus costs Rs 7.30 million. Trans Peshawar Company has been given the task to make the buses operational and a tender has been issued in this respect in two districts for the operation and safety of the buses. But date for opening of tender was June 29 and later on in a meeting

the date has been extended till July 10 and the decision has been taken without the participation of the big operators. Only three companies were involved in the meeting.

Officials said that the subordinate office of UN in Mardan and Abbottabad had identified 15 bus stops with solar power facility and all process is due to be completed within one and a half months.