Mahira Khan initially did not want to be friends with Hamza Ali Abbasi


Pakistani actors Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi share a good rapport and are very good friends. The two often exchange witty jokes on Twitter entertaining their fans and followers. However, recently Mahira revealed that she initially did not want to be friends with the Abbasi.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Mahira said, “I’ve known him for many years. Initially, when we met, I told him I don’t want to be friends with him since I already have lots. But when we came together to work, I told him that his and my ideas are quite contradictory.”

To this Mahira said, Hamza replied, “Why can’t we agree to disagree?”

Hamza is known for having no filter and speaking his mind, whether on social media or in real life. The Hamza-Reham Khan feud garnered a lot of attention on social media and while Imran’s Khan’s former wife didn’t hesitate from mud-flinging the PTI chairman, the actor being an avid supporter of Khan hit back at Reham.

Mahira did not appreciate this and in a Twitter conversation politely asked Hamza not to do so. On this Mahira commented, “I probably wouldn’t have done it to anyone else but Hamza. I’m not going to disassociate myself from someone like Hamza. I’ve known him for many years.”

The tweet:

She added, “I agree with Hamza’s core values and I believe he always speaks the truth. When Hamza believes in something, he sticks by it which is why I feel that he’s a very good person.”

Mahira and Hamza are all set to come together in Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jatt which also starres Fawad Khan, Gohar Rasheed and Humaima Mallick.

Apart from her relationship with Hamza, Mahira also spoke about how she would love to work on a project with Fahad Mustafa.

“I have never worked with Fahad Mustafa,” Mahira said. “I really want to work with him but there just wasn’t any time. We’ve always wanted to work together. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of projects the two of us have been offered together but the timing was never right.”

“But there’s mutual respect. I respect him, I like him a lot as an actor. I like that he supports people and it’s really imperative to me that a person should support others, and our industry for that matter,” added Mahira, “But I can’t figure out why he always calls me ‘baji‘.”


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