Folk singer Alam Lohar remembered on 38th death anniversary


LAHORE: The 38th death anniversary of renowned Punjabi folk singer Alam Lohar was observed across the country on Tuesday and special programs were organized to pay tributes to the legendary folk singer and creator of ‘jugni’.

Alam Lohar who passed away in a car crash in 1979, began his musical journey at 13 when he released his first music album. From singing at traditional festivals in far-flung villages of the country to spreading his influence in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and India, it didn’t take long for Alam to become a household name in folk music. Needless to say, he was endowed the Pride of Performance award as well.

The renowned Punjabi folk singer was considered to be one of the pioneers of singing jugni songs in south Asia. The deceased specialized in jugni and was at the peak of his career when he passed away. He earned a lot of fame around the world and earned himself a name at a time when TV and media were not so prominent.

He started his career by reciting the poetry of famous Sufi saints including Heer Waris Shah, Saiful Malook and Bulleh Shah. “Alam Lohar was a no doubt a big name and his style of singing was beautiful. But, one of his tracks that won so many hearts is Heer Waris Shah. It is beautiful. He sang it in 35 different styles. Besides this, he was an expert at singing Mirza Sahiban, Sassi De Pedaish and Punjabi Wars,” elucidated singer Naseebo Lal.

What made his performances unique was the use of the chimta – an instrument that Arif often uses in his performances today. His songs that are still remembered include Bol Mitti Deya Baweya, and Dil Wala Dukhra