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Kasuri family not to support PTI in Kasur

KASUR: The family of former foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri has boycotted Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) candidates in Kasur district due to a clash with PTI leader Aleem Khan over the issuance of party tickets.

Khursheed’s brother Bakhtiar Mehmood Kasuri lashed out at Aleem Khan in a press conference held in Kasur.

Addressing the media, Bakhtiar said that his family had joined the PTI due to the visionary policies of Imran Khan in favour of Pakistan, but unfortunately, a group under the leadership of Aleem Khan has taken control of the party. He claimed that Aleem is a very corrupt leader is misusing his power in the party.

Bakhtiar went on to allege that he had paid a fee for the party ticket but no one even called him for the interview and Aleem Khan issued tickets for Kasur against merit.

He also alleged that former foreign minister Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali had to wait for more than five hours at the house of Aleem Khan for the ticket for the NA-137 constituency. He added that Sardar Asif is a senior politician of the country and the party should treat him with respect which he deserves.

Furthermore, Bakhtiar said that some politicians were engaged in a hateful speech against important institutions of the country which would prove very dangerous, adding that in current circumstances, free and fair elections cannot be held in the country.

He announced his family’s support for independent candidates in Kasur instead of PTI.

Waqas Ashraf

The writer is Pakistan Today's correspondent in Kasur.

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