Judge’s protocol thrashes NA candidate Jibran Nasir


Famous civil rights activist and independent candidate for NA-247 Karachi, Muhammad Jibran Nasir, was attacked and tortured by police protocol appointed with the convoy of a judge.

In a live video shared by Jibran Nasir on popular social media site Facebook, the activist can be seen struggling in a police van with his head out of the window to record the video. He can be heard saying, “My name is Muhammad Jibran Nasir. At this moment, judge sahab’s protocol is taking me after beating and tearing my clothes. They pushed my car to the corner and when I stopped them, they hit me with the chamber [of a gun].”

The video ends with Jibran displeased that “a common man has been struck with a chamber”.

Before the video ends, a man from inside the mobile can be seen attempting to snatch Nasir’s cell phone away.

Nasir was driving on Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman Road in Clifton when the convoy of an SHC judge approached from behind his car, police said. Members of the judge’s security squad signalled Nasir to give way to allow the protocol to pass through. However, Nasir reportedly refused to oblige, following which some of the security personnel “misbehaved” with the lawyer and he was taken to Frere police station.

Police said that Nasir was allowed to leave after the judge was informed about his identity. However, Nasir has reportedly refused to leave the police station until his car is brought to him there and he is served an explanation and apology.

The activist is now “forcibly” sitting inside the police station by declaring himself arrested even “though he is not”.

While addressing the media inside the police station, Nasir addressed the SHO and confronted him about assaulting and arresting citizens without them being at fault.

“If I am a criminal then an FIR should be filed and since I am not a VIP here and I did not make any calls, I will spend the night in the station like an ordinary citizen,” he said.

The activist added: “I will not back out till I know my crime.”

According to him, the protocol belonged to Justice Faisal Kamal who later ordered to discharge him after getting to know his name. “What would’ve happened to me if you didn’t know who I was? What would be my punishment?”

“If there is traffic on the road, and if a judge’s vehicle is not given way to pass through, is it appropriate for them to push someone’s car out of their way?” he asked.

He also stated that I did not call any media outlets and they all showed up on their own.

Upon an inquisition on whether the advocate came to the station himself instead of getting dragged by security, he stated that CCTV cameras installed on the location of where the incident occurred will prove who is speaking the truth and who is not.

He further added: “If I am proven a liar, then I will back out from the general election race.”

In a  Twitter message, Omar Shahid Hamid, a senior police officer,  said that an inquiry was underway against Nasir’s brief arrest.

“The police escort briefly detained Nasir but subsequently let him go when his identity was confirmed. Jibran Nasir has claimed that he is under arrest, which is not the case. He is at liberty to leave the police station whenever he wishes. An inquiry is underway,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, in another video, Jibran gave his version of the incident and asked the judge, whose protocol thrashed him, that under which law did his protocol officers manhandle him and took him away.

Earlier in the day, Nasir had announced on Twitter that his associate from the Naqeeb Mehsud hearing was getting threatened as well.


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