Electricity shortfall exceeds 6000MW


ISLAMABAD: The current electricity shortfall has crossed the edge of 6000MW as country rural and urban areas are facing 14 and 10 hours electricity load-shedding respectively.

Sources stated that currently, electricity demand has exceeded to 25000MW, however, the production is only 18900MW. Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the southern Punjab areas are facing electricity load shedding with regular intervals.

The tall claims of ending load-shedding made by the previous PML-N government have turned into the hollow slogans as the shortfall has crossed 6000MW sources said, adding that owing to the shortage of water in dams, a further shortfall of electricity could be witnessed.

Sources stated that caretaker government was reluctant to increase the cost of electricity owing to the current situation of circular debt. “If they complete the electricity supply then the circular debts will increase to billions,” they added.


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