White Lies


After truncated press conferences ad nauseum, replete with promises of next-time-pakka, Chaudhry Nisar has finally started speaking out clearly against the Sharifs.

Told him not to speak out against the army, he said. You weren’t kicked out by the army.

Fittingly, the Chakri man’s election symbol is a Jeep. Perhaps it should have been a Jeep and Two Trucks instead!


So Imran Khan has had his house in Bani Gala razed to the ground and gotten a new one built. A security-compliant PM house in Lahore, reportedly at the behest of the prospective First Lady.

The interiors of the new place were done by Khan’s sister Aleema Khan. Interestingly, none of the sisters are on speaking terms with their sister-in-law.

Not a cheerful household, that.