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Hope of free and fair polls diminishing, says PML-N supremo Nawaz

–Nawaz accuses Chief Justice Nisar of attempting pre-poll rigging through joint Rawalpindi visit with Sheikh Rasheed

–I know the name of the colonel who threatened Rana Siraj, PML-N supreme leader warns

LONDON: Deposed premier Nawaz Sharif said on Sunday that the hope of fair, fair and transparent elections was diminishing, adding that the people were aware of the recent developments.

During his media talk, he said: “I am showing a lot of tolerance and hoping that no rigging takes place. At all costs, the nation will not allow polls to be rigged.”

On his party’s deteriorating ties with the establishment, he asserted that he “has a lot of respect for the army”. “I am being targeted as revenge,” he argued.

Commenting on Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar’s joint visit to Rawalpindi hospitals with AML chief Sheikh Rasheed, he accused the chief justice of attempted pre-poll rigging. When asked about Rana Siraj’s U-turn regarding his allegations on the ISI, Nawaz confirmed that he made the Saturday’s statement after talking to the PML-N leader who complained of being pressurised to contest as independent candidate.

The PML-N supreme leader disclosed that he knows the name of the colonel who threatened his party’s ticket holder. “I will reveal the colonel’s name when the time is right,” he added. In this regard, his daughter Maryam Nawaz stated that everyone knows who made Siraj change his stance.

Meanwhile, PML-N’s PP-219 Multan candidate Siraj explained in a new video that the entire event was a result of a misunderstanding. He refuted his earlier remarks of accusing ISI of raiding his godown.


Nawaz Sharif further delayed his return to Pakistan, reasoning the deteriorating medical condition of his wife who’s under treatment at Harley Street Clinic.

“Recent events are very saddening. I am going through a rough phase,” he admitted, adding that he would’ve returned to Pakistan if his wife was suffering only from a minor illness.

He promised to return to Pakistan as soon as the condition of his wife improves.


When asked to comment on remarks made by former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar, Nawaz said that Nisar’s words were “hurtful and saddening.”

However, he refused to comment on Nisar’s statements, claiming that he has bigger and better things to think about. Earlier in the day, Nisar had said that Nawaz Sharif has been showing enmity, not him.

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