New video of Imran Khan’s shrine visit brings wife into spotlight


Videos showing the visit of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi, aka Pinki, at Baba Farid shrine in Pakpattan have been making rounds on social media ahead of the 2018 polls.

One such video surfaced recently in which rose petals were laid on the floor to welcome Imran and Bushra. It shows Imran’s wife helping to spread the rose petals on the ground before sitting in one corner, near the grave.

Soon after, she invites Imran to join her as they both sit and pray. It can be seen that Bushra frequently recites her prayers in the PTI chief’s ears.


Responding to the video, a PTI supporter wrote, “I am sure if the same has been committed by SS or NS they must have been ridiculed by #ImrankhanPTI and others. Although IK is being criticized for such ignorance. I can’t believe this IK can do all this.”

“Perfectly legitimate and noble behavior at the shrine of Baba Fareed,” another reacted. Some people largely criticised journalists for sharing such content. They were of the view that such activities related to religious beliefs should not be discussed publicly. Others claimed that the PTI chairman was either trying to win the local supporters or acting on the directions of his wife.

This is not the first video featuring the couple at the shrine. In another footage, the PTI chief can be seen coming to the shrine along with his wife and party workers. He kissed the doorstep of the shrine before entering it.

Khan offered Fateha and laid a floral wreath on the grave of the saint. He spent some time at the shrine. His wife Bushra also performed the act of placing a Chaddar at the shrine of the saint.

Imran Khan was welcomed at the shrine by Dewan Azmat Said Mohammad Chishti, the PTI candidate for the PP-192 constituency.

Dewan Ahmed, the custodian of the shrine, performed the traditional activities for PTI chief during the visit.

Imran’s wife also spreads flowers in front of the popular Bahishti Darwaza (the door of paradise) at the Sufi saint’s shrine, while Imran distributed sweets and edibles.


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