Shah Rukh Khan celebrates 26 years in Bollywood with emotional video


Hard to believe but it has been 26 years since Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan joined the entertainment industry.

To mark the occasion, Shah Rukh’ wife, Gauri shared a video of her husband’s journey in the Hindi film industry. She captioned the video “26 years of previous memories,” and tagged Shah Rukh with a heart emoji.

SRK replied to his wife’s tweet with “This journey is incomplete without you all. Here’s telling all of you who made this possible how happy you make me feel.”

The six-minute video opens with Shah Rukh making a dramatic entry into the frame. Shah Rukh then takes us step by step from his journey from being a ‘Fauji’ to a ‘Deewana’. The video is quintessentially Shah Rukh Khan full of emotions, charm and wit.

“I have learnt a lot on this roller-coaster ride of love, hate, happiness and, sometimes sadness,” Shah Rukh says in the video.

Khan then takes the audience through every year of his life and what it taught him. He said that the first year taught him to be a “dewaana” while the second year taught him to “oscillate from a gentleman to a baazigar to a stalker.” In the third year, he learnt about “competitiveness.”

“In 1995, Raj taught me love, like he did to everyone else,” he continued, referring to one of the biggest hits of his career, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Khan says he still wonders if the audience loved him or Raj: “The lines were blurry,” he chuckles.

He then says he wears the Baadshah crown bestowed on him in 1999 with pride ‘even to this day’ and hopes he is “worthy of it for the rest of his life.”

Khan talks about his films through the years which include Chalte Chalte, Asoka, Kal Ho Na Ho, Main Hoon Na and Paheli.

“2007 allowed me to show my love for my country on the big screen and which I am very very proud of; that was the proudest film I’ve done, where I could hold my head up high and say ‘Chak De, Chak de India!,'” he continues.

In between talking about his career, Shah Rukh also speaks about becoming a father – to his children Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.

Shah Rukh also remembers the late filmmaker Yash Chopra referring to the latter as a “mentor and father-figure.”

He says that with time he’s matured and realised that one’s name does not matter.

“What matters is who you are.”

Shah Rukh further continues, “Here I am in 2018, playing a vertically-challenged person,” referring to his role in his upcoming film Zero, “but I still stand tall, with all of your love.”

He concludes by saying that “these years have really gone by in a flash” and he has spent half his lifetime in the business but to him, it still feels like “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.