Newly-bought South African giraffe dies at Lahore Zoo


A female giraffe that had been imported from South Africa a couple of days ago, has died at the Lahore zoo, a private media outlet reported.

According to reports, the giraffe, which had been purchased from South Africa for Rs19 million, died on Friday.

Officials claimed the animal was already ill when it arrived. This leaves just one pair of giraffes at the Lahore Zoo.

The zoo director said these giraffes are able to survive in Pakistani climate and that the giraffe died because she was already ill.

The animals are being fed chickpeas, fruit and vegetables.

The frequent deaths of animals at Lahore zoo have raised a fresh wave of questions against its management.

Earlier this year, a 12-year-old Bengal tigress died at the zoo, a few days after another tigress died.

The tigress had been brought to the zoo when she was three years old.

An eight-year-old Bengal tigress, which was brought in from Bahawalpur zoo in 2014, also died at the zoo.

In November 2017, a male cheetah passed away due to diarrhea after spending just 30 days at the zoo. The four-year-old cheetah and its female pair had been imported from South Africa on October 29, 2017. The female cheetah had died earlier.