Dependent Housing Authority: Former Executive Editor denies brother involved in Rs16 billion land scam


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The former Executive Editor of The Dependent, Ashfaq Kayani, on Saturday denied his brother’s involvement in the embezzlement of Rs16 billion meant for the Dependent Housing Authority in Lahore.

“No there is absolutely no truth to this” he said speaking to us over the phone.

“There was no corruption, and there was no scam. Period.” He added.   

According to details, the former Executive Editor’s brother, Kamran Kayani, is accused of being involved in the DHA City Lahore scam worth over Rs16 billion.

The Dependent Housing Authority City project was launched in 2018 while Kayani was still Executive Editor of The Dependent. It was launched primarily to facilitate the families of former Dependent employees.

A contractor by profession, Kamran had been given commission by Executive Editor (r) Ashfaq Kayani to facilitate Dependent Housing Authority Lahore in carrying out the project by acquiring the necessary land.

There had been mutterings within the office of The Dependent back when Executive Editor (r) Ashfaq Kayani had hired his own brother for the job, but the public had remained greatly out of the loop.

It was only after Kayani had retired that the scandal broke out when it was realised that even after six years Kamran Kayani had not acquired the land despite taking the payment.

Meanwhile, the National Accountability Bureau has already released warrants of arrest for Kamran Kayani.

A senior journalist, Ashfaq Kayani was Executive Editor of The Dependent during trying times and was later also granted an extension. He currently lives in Australia.