Imran Khan vows to say no to coalition deals if there is hung parliament

  • Denies performing Sajda at shrine, says he bowed to kiss


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has ruled out pacts and coalition deals if the party fails to bag majority after upcoming general elections set to be held on July 25.

With speculations mounting that the next government would be a coalition, PTI chief Imran Khan, while talking to a private news channel, vowed to sit on opposition benches instead of running a minority government.

He rejected any negotiations or dealings over party policies with other parties, including Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), with which the PTI had made alliance during the Senate chairman elections earlier this year. The Imran Khan-led party voted the PPP candidate, Sadiq Sanjrani, to the top slot in the upper house of the parliament.

The cricketer-turned-politician stressed that making a coalition government creates troubles for smooth implementation of the parties’ manifestos. “Would prefer to sit on opposition benches over making pacts with the PPP,” he maintained.

Further, addressing the workers of NA-131, Khan said that constituency would witness quite the breakneck competition. Lahore, he noted, would be deciding for Punjab, and Punjab, in turn, would be the decisionmaker for Pakistan.

Talking about preferring electables over ideological leaders of the party, Khan admitted that a disappointment was prevailing within the party over it. He said that the strategy was ‘indispensable’ for winning the elections as “I can only do something after victory in the polls”.

Khan also clarified his position over his ‘controversial’ action at a Sufi shrine in Punjab, following a religio-political storm that has gripped the social media since last night.

“Sufism speaks about removing the “mein” the ego in an individual, people see these things superficially and declare fatwas without knowing the religion, without even knowing the facts whether it was a kiss or Sajda,” the chairman of PTI said.