Movie Review: Wajood – an existence of cinematic failure


Jawed Sheikh’s much-awaited directorial comeback, Wajood (lit: existence) hit the theatres on Eidul Fitr along with the Mahira Khan-Shehryar Munawar starrer 7 Din Mohabbat In, Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Na Band Na Baraati and Moammer Rana’s Azaadi. Though there was a tough competition at the local box-office, none of the films managed to make much of a mark and Wajood starring Danish Taimoor, touted to be a revenge thriller, was a bad attempt at making a commercially successful masala film.

Veteran actor Jawed Sheikh is no alien to the film industry, having worked in a plethora of films on both sides of the border. It is surprising how the actor-director managed to concoct an absolute disaster given the amount of experience he has.

In a nutshell, Wajood is a revenge thriller centred on the life-changing experiences of a pilot, played by the suave Danish Taimoor. The film’s plot is dramatically dotted with unlimited turns and twists. However, the beautiful, posh locations of Pakistan, Turkey and Greece provide the much-needed relief to the eyes.

The film also stars Saeeda Imtiaz in the lead, along with Indian actress Aditi Singh – as a plot twist.

Making his directional comeback, Sheikh has mismatched the art of cinema with a soggy storyline and a plot that was not needed to be twisted.

The movie claiming to have a “vicious adoration story” had nothing but an apparent storyline.

Though renowned actors including Shahid, Nadeem Baig and Frieha Altaf were seen in supporting roles, the aloof script lines and awkward body language between the characters simply showed the weaker spot of direction.

The film’s cinematography was exceptionally spell bounding. Kudos to cinematographers Kelvin Keehde and Asif Khan for their flawless work.

Danish’s character, Faizaan, a pilot was more of an aircraft turmoil than a safe landing. Despite being a television heartthrob, Taimoor might not make his way into the hearts of audiences with this film.

Saeeda Imtiaz, playing the character of a strong independent woman, ends up falling in love, bidding adieu to her career. In this age and time, such characters are outdated and often spark irk among the viewers for giving out the wrong message.

Ali Saleem who was once famous for his iconic alter-ego ‘Begum Nawazish’ plays Imtiaz’s brother. The character could have rounded up a better comic side in the film, however, Saleem’s role only brought in some eye-catching colourful costumes.

Sheikh also appears briefly in the movie, as a mysterious chain-smoking cop bringing nothing on the table except long overdue background music.

Wajood could have been one of Sheikh’s memorable films and the story could have been a simplified masala movie but it failed to leave an impression and was not up to the mark.