IHC decision in Tayyaba torture case challenged


ISLAMABAD: Former judge of Islamabad district court Raja Khurram who was convicted in Tayyaba torture case has challenged the high court decision in the Supreme Court (SC).

The petition was filed through Advocate Azam Tarar on Monday. The petitioner said that the trial court awarded punishment of one year in jail and fined Rs 50000 and then the high court enhanced the sentence to three years.

He said that the court did not see that there was neither the signatures nor the thumb impression found on Tayyaba petition. “The respective court ignored the statement of Tayyaba. The court also did not review the timing of the disappearance of Tayyaba correctly,” he pleaded. The right to article was also not given in the case.

The petitioner has prayed to the apex court to accept his appeal and set aside the Islamabad High Court decision.