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KP minister cancels power projects with ‘no progress’

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Caretaker Minister for Energy, Power and Public Health Engineering (PHE) Haji Fazal Elahi directed the cancelation of all those power projects on which no progress has been made so far and their time of contract had expired.

Presiding over a briefing regarding the Energy and Power Department here on Friday, he said that the KP has a huge potential to produce energy, which besides arresting of unemployment could also be utilized for standing the economy of the province on strong footing. He expressed satisfaction over the pace of work on the ongoing energy sector projects.

During the meeting, Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation (PEDO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Engineer Zainullah Shah, CEO of KPOGCL Engineer Raziuddin, General Manager (GM) of Hydel PEDO Engineer Bahadar Shah and Deputy Secretary of Energy and Power Department Javed Ali among officials of other attached departments gave a detailed briefing regarding their organisations.

During the meeting it was told that Energy & Power Department is only provincial department that earns a receipt of over Rs 49 billion per annum for the province, which is more than the total income of all other departments.

The department resolved energy, alternate energy, oil, and gas other energy-related problems of the consumers. PEDO, a subsidiary of the department is producing 124-megawatt electricity, which is generating billions of rupees revenue while construction work on six other hydel power projects was in progress in different districts. The projects will produce 253-megawatt electricity while work on 5 more solar energy projects with the capacity of producing 203.5 megawatt is also in progress.

The meeting was further told that the province has the potential of producing 1.1 billion barrel oil and 16 trillion cubic natural gas, from whom the estimated revenue is Rs 100 billion per annum.

KP OGCL is working for exploration of oil and gas in the province, which had already started work on Lakki Block in the Lakki district which will earn billions of rupees per annum for the provincial government.

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