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HEC supports restoration of students unions

  • Dr Banuri says unions develop knowledge about political system among young people

ISLAMABAD: Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri has said that all mandatory measures would be taken to strengthen the higher education sector across the country.

In an exclusive talk here on Friday, he intends to strengthen national educational institutes aiming at to bring them up to the level of the international universities. Sharing his priorities in the education sector, he vowed to focus on the promotion of quality education as it was the only way to take place among top-ranked universities.

He stressed the need for the autonomous status of the universities, saying that this step will automatically nourish higher education commission. “Quality research in higher education is vital to meet market demands, especially to compete with top-ranked world universities, and HEC would give priority to it,” he said.

He also underlined the need for skills development and capacity building of the universities’ faculty in teaching methods by providing them with special training. Dr Tariq Banuri said that academic’s issues would be resolved on priority basis. In this regard, he said that the commission would start its work from Balochistan’s higher educational institutes.

The students’ unions should be restored as it develops knowledge about political system among the young people and they would get a chance of presenting themselves in politics, he opined. He said that the flaws should be eradicated from the students’ unions, adding; he had also been a part of students union in his youth.

“We, like private schools, can provide quality education in the government educational institutions because all students are bright thus we need to overcome the weaknesses of faculties and students,” he said. “We have to improve their English, mathematics and develop their skills in the computer to bring them at par with private institutes,” he said.

By achieving above targets, the HEC chairman said that the differences in the education sector would be clearly observed which would be resolved on the priority basis so that the institutes would be considered among the best international institutes.

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