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Elections roundup: Mush leaves Mush’s party high and dry

“Musharraf puts together grand coalition of 23 political parties, voters,” read a headline of The Dependent, the satirical publication of this paper, back when the former army chief had announced his coalition.

It was a painful list to read, especially since the heaviest hitter therein was his APML itself, a party that could, due to the surprising loyalty of his man in Chitral, got one seat.

Musharraf has now stepped down as Chairman of the aforementioned party.  The reason, we can only surmise, is that the powers that be might have communicated to their “sir” that graces aside, it looks highly unseemly that he is being given the run of the place while being an absconder of the court, while the rest of the political class is scurrying about, facing disqualifications by ROs not knowing their jobs. Quit while you’re still ahead and know your place. Sir.


Speaking about the ongoing sit-in by the PTI’s disgruntled supporters outside Bani Gala, Jehangir Khan Tareen said that there was nothing wrong with such dharnas, especially since it was the PTI that had started the culture in the first place. That’s right, wear it like a badge, and say it before your detractors do!

Meanwhile, speaking to the aforementioned disgruntled supporters, Imran Khan said that the tickets had been allotted to people who could win elections. That wouldn’t have gone down well.


“My competition is in the political arena and a person who cannot even contest the election, who is not part of the game, is not my competitor,” said PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a press conference. “I am not insane to compete with (Jehangir Khan) Tareen.”

Meanwhile, Tareen is apparently blaming Qureshi for not being able to handle the dharna properly.

Things have come out in the open and Imran Khan has been unable to stop things from getting so public. Damaging stuff can come out at this critical time before the elections a la Zaeem Qadri.

Across the country, people go to their pirs to remove ghareloo nachaki. If only Khan had some sort of pir who could, through a mantra or two, make Tareen and Qureshi love each other…

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