Sharjeel Memon accepts ownership of assets worth millions in nomination papers


HYDERABAD: Former Sindh information minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) stalwart Sharjeel Memon owns millions in cash, properties and cars, according to documents that he submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Memon, who is under trial for corruption, will contest the upcoming general elections from PS-63 and documents filed with his nomination papers revealed that he owned flats and cars worth millions.

According to the documents, the former minister and his wife own an apartment each in Dubai worth Rs50 million and Rs98.9 million respectively. His wife is also in possession of Rs22,979,000 in her bank accounts and owns shares worth Rs3 million in International Gulf Group.

The documents also list three cars owned by Memon that are worth Rs39,570,000.

The PPP leader also claimed he had Rs87,091,389 in cash and prize bonds.

Furthermore, the documents stated that his furniture and miscellaneous items were valued at Rs2.5 million.

The documents further stated that Memon had two properties in Karachi and one in Tharparkar valued at Rs4.4 million, Rs9.7 million and Rs150,080,000 respectively.