Armeena Khan finds herself in another Twitter war for calling out Sheikh Rasheed on his derogatory comments


Armeena Khan, a strong social activist, finds herself in hot waters from time to time for speaking her mind. From Syrian refugees to cyberbullying and racial discrimination, Khan has voiced her opinion on all such controversial topics.

Recently, Awami Muslim League’s (AML) Sheikh Rasheed passed abusive comments on people from the entertainment industry on live television and this sparked the actor’s anger who wrote, “Who is this man? Why is he using such abusive language against the film industry? Why is such obscene language allowed on mainstream television?”

She followed this with a series of tweets in which she expressed her disappointment and shock.

When one Twitter user agreed with Rasheed’s comments, Armeena schooled him too saying, “So do shaadis don’t have naach gaanay? Does that mean that everyone partaking in wedding songs and dances are k*****?”

Calling out the hypocrisy, Armeena quizzed, “What is the act of selling the soil of your motherland to corrupt politicians called? In the wider world, only the best, educated and talented people can dream of doing what we do as artists.”

Some Twitter users also dragged Reham Khan into the conversation to which Armeena said, “I’ve never picked any political sides. My tweet has NOTHING to do with anyone or their book but everything to do with the creative industries of Pakistan.”

In the end, addressing all the haters, Khan said, “And all you dinosaurs coming onto my timeline abusing me because of some supposed “support” that you’ve concocted in your mindless, empty heads. Hear this, my family supports PTI. I’ve supported Mr Khan in my own way. BUT I do question bad language and abuse used by this sheikh.”