VIDEO: Begging in air, Beggar starts it during flight


Setting a new trend, a beggar started begging in reportedly Bangkok bound Karachi flight and took the crew by surprise. Some social media users have, however, claimed that the flight is from Doha to Sheraz.

In a video, circulating on social media, a beggar can be seen ‘seeking help’ during the flight taking both passengers and flight crew by surprise.

The beggar is apparently requesting people to give him money as the air hostess tried to stop him telling him it is not allowed in the plane while a male flight attendant also came and tried to move the beggar.

The surprised passengers were perplexed while two individuals did give him the money, meanwhile, the crew was constantly trying to move him out of the plane.

This incident is first of its kind and has gained the attention of social media users.

According to reports, he bought the ticket and suddenly started begging during the flight. He talked about his financial difficulties and being homeless.

Sources said that this video is made on board a Doha-Shiraz flight and the so-called beggar, who is an Iranian deportee, is speaking in Persian and the woman who is making the video is also speaking in Persian. The old man was deported without any money so he was asking passengers in the plane to help him out.