Sindh IGP vows to take action against department’s ‘black sheep’ | Pakistan Today

Sindh IGP vows to take action against department’s ‘black sheep’

KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Amjad Javed Saleemi vowed on Tuesday to take strict action against the department’s “black sheep”.

The IGP said, “I will continue to work honestly and will not spare the corrupt officers working in the police department.”

While speaking to journalists, IGP Saleemi said that all corrupt officers in the force would be suspended.

Earlier, the Sindh IGP had said that there were people in the departments who were involved in criminal activities.

He had said, “Sindh Police is a poorly-coordinated department and it seems that rather than policing, the department is doing something else.”

“I have been nominated to ensure transparent polls and we have to implement the directives of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) at any cost by ensuring free and fair elections,” he added.

IGP Saleemi remarked, “I have one simple principle; officers who can deliver as per expectations will remain in my team and those who cannot will be dismissed.”

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