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Lahore eatery caught ‘drying serving trays on bathroom floor’

LAHORE: An eatery in the provincial capital has come under fierce criticism on social media for “drying serving trays on the bathroom floor”.

According to a social media user, who took to Facebook to share his experience, he visited Butlers Chocolate Café – a popular and rather posh restaurant – located on Lahore’s MM Alam Road on Wednesday (June 13).

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“After ordering I sat there relaxed and happy enjoying the music. We enjoy such places without even bothering about quality because we put our faith in these so-called renowned restaurants. We tell ourselves that at least we can trust them,” wrote Haider Bokhari in his social media post.

“My sandwiches were served on a wooden tray. I wanted to wash my hands before having my meal so I went to the washroom but a note saying the washroom was ‘out of order’ was posted on the door. Since I only had to wash my hands, I went in any way.”

“Once I entered the washroom, to my shock, was something disgusting. Wooden trays like the one my sandwich was served on were placed right next to the toilet for drying since there was not enough space in the kitchen,” he wrote.

Reacting to the experience that was shared by at least 5,000 people soon after it was posted, Pakistani academic and columnist Ali Moeen Nawazish wrote, “The things people have to put up with to eat out in Lahore. Pehle Khota, Ab Lota.” Another user started a hashtag trend seeking the boycott of the restaurant while several others shared their poor experiences of the said restaurant and several other eateries.

Meanwhile, others rushed to the restaurant’s defence. “The gentleman who has taken these pictures is only a social animal. Now, he is shouting on social media to get more likes!” wrote a user.

“Plates inside washroom do not prove that the restaurant is serving these plates to customers,” another user commented.

The eatery itself is yet to comment over the incident.

It merits mention that the social media post comes amid Punjab Food Authority’s (PFA) tall claims of taking a strict action against food business operators and eateries for violating food regulations.

While the food watchdog claims to be active against those playing with the health of the people, the development has raised eyebrows over the authority’s performance.

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