Nawaz and Maryam postpone return as Kulsoom still ‘unconscious’


–Sharifs’ counsels to submit request to anti-graft court for clients’ exemption from personal appearance 


LONDON: Former premier Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz have postponed their return to the country due to the deteriorating health of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz, who has been ‘unconscious’ ever since she had a cardiac arrest at a London hospital on Thursday.

Talking to the media outside the hospital on Monday, Nawaz’s son Hussain Nawaz said that his mother was still ‘unconscious’.

“Doctors are making every effort to help my mother recover,” he said, adding that he hoped that she would recover quickly.

“Insha’Allah her health will improve soon,” Hussain said.

Meanwhile, in his comment to media regarding the condition of Begum Kulsoom, Nawaz said that she was still unconscious and on the ventilator.

“I am praying to Allah for her quick recovery,” Sharif said.

In a tweet, Maryam said, “My father and I called my mother several times but she does not respond. I wish she opens her eyes and talks to me. Her condition is very serious.”


On the advice of the doctors, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have postponed their return to Pakistan early Sunday for the time being.

The decision was taken after a two-hour meeting between Nawaz, Maryam, Hussain and Kulsoom’s doctors at Harley Street Clinic. The doctors, however, have said that they cannot give a timeframe of the progress of Kulsoom’s health. The doctors advised Nawaz to spend more time with his wife, family sources said.

Sources further said that counsels for Nawaz and Maryam will submit an exemption from personal appearance request in the accountability court, which is hearing corruption references against Sharifs.


Begum Kulsoom underwent multiple surgeries in 2017 to remove diseased lymph nodes after she was diagnosed with throat cancer.

In April, her medical reports indicated that her health had worsened after her throat cancer began to spread to the rest of her body.

On May 25, her health was said to have improved briefly, before it deteriorated again on Wednesday.

On June 7, Nawaz and Maryam had sought a five-day exemption from their appearance before the accountability court in the corruption references against the Sharif family.





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