Three including two children injured in Dolphin Squad’s firing


LAHORE: Two children and their father sustained bullet injuries during an exchange of fire between Dolphin Force personnel and armed suspects in the Sabzazar area here on Thursday.

According to the details, the three suffered gunshot wounds during an alleged crossfire between the suspects and the police force. The Dolphin personnel opened fire at the suspects when they did not stop at a check post located on the Multan road.

The bandits escaped the scene but three passersby – the children and their father – suffered gunshot wounds.

It merits mention that this isn’t the first incident of its kind as a teenage boy was killed in “crossfire” between Dolphin Squad personnel and five suspects occupying a car in the Badami Bagh area last month. The boy, later identified as Mohammad Saleem (15), was filling a bottle from a water cooler when suddenly he was hit in the head by a bullet. He died while being rushed to the hospital.