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Sindh govt flouts law by allowing extension to BPS-22 official at HEC

ISLAMABAD: Despite non-consent by Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur (SALU), Universities and Board Department issued a NOC for a one-year extension in deputation period of Prof Dr Ghulam Raza Bhatti as a member (BPS-22) in Higher Education Commission (HEC) in sheer violation of the set rules and regulations.

Dr Bhatti, a professor of Botany in Shah Abdul University Khairpur, joined HEC as member (BPS-22) on deputation basis for a period of one year on April, 22, 2014 and later on his university relieved him time to time, hence he succeeded in getting extension in his deputation every year for the last four years.

However, this time around, when HEC wrote a letter to the university for the issuance of NOC for extension of his deputation period which expired on April 21, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Parveen Shah refused to extend his deputation period.

Dr Parveen, through a letter dated March 9 addressed to University and Board Department Additional Chief Secretary Muhammad Hussain Syed, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, clearly stated, “Reference to the letter No 5(495) HRM-Personal/2014 HEC/563 dated February 27 of HEC, Islamabad, on the consent regarding extension in deputation period of SALU’s Department of Botany’s Meritorious Professor Dr Bhatti. The undersigned cannot extend the deputation period of Dr Ghulam Raza Bhatti keeping in view of direction, the decision of Supreme Court (SC) of not allowing any deputation to any officer/official as per its verdict.”

Despite the VC’s clear denial to issue Dr Bhatti an extension letter, the Universities and Board Department issued a NOC for another one-year extension in his deputation period in HEC, who has already spent 4 years in the commission. Interestingly, Sindh government’s letter also mentioned the reference of the letter issued by SALU Khairpur which already declined HEC’s request.

Universities and Board Department, in a letter dated April 10, addressed the then HEC chairman, stating, “I am directed to enclose herewith SALU, Khairpur VC’s letter No. Secy/VCSALU/KHP/-67, dated 9-3-2018 on the subject consent regarding extension in deputation period and to convey NOC of this SALU, Khairpur Department of Botany professor in accordance with law and policy.”

A senior official stated that this is against the university statutes, as a supervisory office cannot issue a letter. They can direct the subordinate office but cannot work on behalf of the subordinate office, hence the university’s autonomy is compromised.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Bhatti was given extension by Dr Mukhtar Ahmed on his last working day as the HEC chairman on Aril 13.

The letter reads, “In pursuance of HEC, HRM Division’s Office Order of even number dated 28-03-2017, the deputation period of Prof Dr Bhutti, member (PBS-22) is hereby extended for another period of one year with effect from April 22 on the existing terms and conditions.”

It is pertinent to mention that Sindh government’s Services, General, Administration and Coordination Department Karachi dated, April 26, 2016, asked to provide the requisite information in respect of officers/officials who have been repatriated/reverted to their parent departments but they failed to join their parent departments on the given format to the Sindh accountant general in order to comply with the orders of apex court.

This is an important task and the Sindh chief secretary has directed that a meeting of all the administrative secretaries be fixed for the above matter.

When this scribe contacted Universities and Board Department Additional Chief Secretary Muhammad Hussain Syed, he said that Dr Bhatti is the only Sindhi on the prized position in HEC, hence everyone is against him to get him removed from the office.

However, when he was asked that no one but his own university refused to issue him NOC for further extension in his deputation period, he replied that the VC had some personal issues with him.

Responding to a question about Dr Parveen’s refusal to issue him an extension letter and under what law he was issued NOC, he said that he is being targeted for being a Sindhi and refused to comment further on the issue.

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