PIMS to restart kidney transplant procedure


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) decided to resume the process of kidney transplantation starting July after resolving a long standing fued between the urology and nephrology departments, according to a local media outlet.

PIMS Executive Director Dr Raja Amjad said, “We have started registration of patients and hopefully will transplant two kidneys every week, kidney transplant was started in the late 1990s at the hospital but it was discontinued then a few transplants were carried out in 2012-13 but again the service was stopped and now it has been decided that free of cost treatment would be provided to patients.”

He also said, “There were differences between senior doctors of the nephrology and urology departments and when I called them, they were even not ready to sit together.”

“I told them that they have to cooperate with each other in the best interest of the patients,” said Dr Amjad.