Pakistan can generate more than 28,000 MW electricity: Ali Zafar


ISLAMABAD: Interim Federal Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Ali Zafar on Tuesday claimed that four reasons have come forth for frequent load shedding in the country.

Addressing a press conference, he said, “We have the capability to generate 28,000MW of electricity.”

Despite that, he added, Pakistan faces frequent load-shedding due to four reasons. “The reasons include, electricity production falling short of demand, technical faults, water shortage and transmission losses,” Zafar went on to explain.

He said that if there was water in the dams and the power plants were fully functional, the energy produced could be up to 28,000MW.

“The demand for electricity is a lot more than the supply,” he asserted.

According to Zafar, the demand for electricity would increase in the summer and presently stood at 23,000-24,000MW.