LHC directs education dept to settle postings, transfers issue at earliest


—Govt given six days to settle issue after ECP’s withdrawal of notice

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday directed Punjab government’s Higher Education Department (HED) to settle the matter of transfers and postings within six days of Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) withdrawal of June 4 notice which halted transfers and postings in the government departments.

The order was passed by Justice Ayesha Malik who directed the Punjab secretary Higher Education Commission when the petitioner Ali Raza maintained that the postings and transfers that were made before May 31 are still pending which should not be affected by ECP’s orders.

The counsel for the petitioner Sheraz Zaka argued before the court that many deserving employees who are awaiting timely postings and transfers, and it is against their fundamental rights to deprive them of their right.

It was further argued that the delay in postings and transfers go against the merit and hence the court should direct authorities concerned to let the process continue according to the rules and procedures.

However, the court concluded that since a notification has already been passed by the ECP, the transfers and postings should be done within the six days of ECP’s withdrawal of notice, which is now likely to be done after the general elections.