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CAA clarifies position on rainfall video clips

KARACHI: In a reference to the video clips made viral on social media spreading misconceptions on the effects of heavy dust storm/rainfall on June 5, 2018, presenting rainwater flooding the passenger terminal building, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that no major water leakages have been observed or reported at the Islamabad International Airport.

All operations remained completely normal during dust storm and heavy rainfall, it said in a statement issued here. The Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo moto notice of some video clips that went viral on the social media and some TV channels and summoned the airport manager for clarifications.

One video made viral is of concourse area at arrival/departure lounge. Due to abnormal thunderstorm, the rain showers entered in the non-conditioned area. The CAA management took immediate preventive measures and mobilised janitorial services staff in affected areas that were cleared within 30 minutes. No damage to property and disruptions in the airport operations occurred, it said.

In another video made viral on social media by an airline employee on the rainwater that flooded into the basement floor of the under-construction aviation building at the Islamabad International Airport situated almost 700m from terminal building with no operational significance. The drainage process was immediately started by the contractor and further instructed by the CAA management to take preventive measures for upcoming monsoon season to avoid any unpleasant situation.

The statement said that some sectioned of the media have also shown/circulated old clips of rainwater accumulated on runways from other airports which is unreasonable and out of context. Islamabad International Airport manager presented CAA version to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The court praised CAA work and directed the authority management to continue the good work, it said.

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