Two arrested for ‘digital kidnapping’ in Gujranwala


GUJRANWALA: Two people of a group have been arrested by the Gujranwala police who would lure men through social media and kidnap them for ransom.

It was reported that the group had created fake profiles of women on social media, through which they invited young men to meet them and kidnapped them for ransom instead.

It was further reported that the police arrested the two men during a raid following a complaint filed by the family of one of the victims. Salman, a resident of Peoples Colony was called to Iqbal Park by the detained, Faisal and Mohsin, who pretended to be a woman over social media. Upon arrival, the former was kidnapped by the duo, who then called Salman’s family for ransom.

However, the family reported the incident to the police who traced the kidnappers through the phone number.

The investigation is still underway to arrest the other members of the group.

Such cases of digital kidnapping have been reported earlier as well. In 2013, police busted a gang that used a female member to trap youngsters and eventually kidnap them.

The gang included a lawyer, his wife, the son of a policeman and four others, and was active in the industrial town of Gujranwala.