German envoy promoting positive image of Pakistan on Twitter


ISLAMABAD: German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler is promoting and highlighting the positive image of Pakistan in the world through his Twitter account.

A look at his Twitter account will show that not only he is trying to show the positive side of the country but also highlighting the social issues including environmental degradation and saving water.

Kobler has been tweeting about the country for some time but got the attention of Pakistanis when he tweeted about the issue of water.

On June 1, he tweeted: “Using a bucket to save water while washing my car!! #Pakistan ranks third amongst countries facing water shortage. One major reason is excessive use! 100 liters wasted washing a car with running tap water…  many ways to #SaveWater in our daily life! #SaveWaterforPak.”

On June 7, he tweeted about the issue of pollution in Karachi ocean,” more than 500 Million gallons untreated sewage is disposed of in ‘s sea every day!! sewage and plastic trash is killing ’s marine life.. very happy to hear about naval chief Abbasi’s maritime awareness campaign plan to protect the oceans!!

Sharing the details of his trip to Gilgit Baltistan, Kobler wrote: “fascinating trip through shigar valley to shigar fort! White sands, green trees and snow mountains. Unique in the world [email protected]”.

Getting Pakistan’s famous truck art for his car, he tweeted: “truck art for my foxy!! I drove to to meet the truck art artists and discuss the work on my car. you guys recommended to only add a few features and I’ll do exactly that! already super excited for the final look of my VW!! Do you think it’ll look nice?”

Pakistanis are loving his tweets and responding to him on his account and give him suggestions as one user wrote: “Please write “Saajan chaley German” on your car.”

One user wrote: “You are setting very high standards for the diplomatic community. All Pakistani diplomats should take inspiration from you”.

Another one wrote: “Even after being the ambassador of Germany this Man is traveling Pakistan like an ordinary guy & lightening some of the major issues & reforms needed here. I think our politicians need to learn from him.”

While one user said,” یہ مارٹن خان اپنا اپنا لگتا ہے….”