Feminist watch: ‘How would you feel if you were bullied and your friends did nothing?’


LAHORE: This week, the watch takes on the male ego, the ‘well actually’ mansplaining, the NUST’s student incident and women empowerment in Upper Dir (YES!).

1- ‘Well actually’ isn’t the other person correcting you, its the other person trying to establish their superiority over you, it is the fragile ego that cannot fathom that you can be wrong.

2- This is the question that all men and women in Pakistan need to ask when they engage in a crusade against the wisdom and indulge in victim blaming and victim shaming: How would you feel if your friends saw someone bully you and did nothing? The answer to that is exactly what victims feel when they come out and risk so much. They think of you as their friends, their family. Respect everyone even if you disagree. 


3- Here’s some wisdom: Feminism is not equal to hating men. It’s about equal social, political and economic rights for humans (Which includes both men and women in case some of us were still confused about that). Feminism is egalitarian, not matriarchal. 

4- Here’s Bismah giving a lesson on entitlement (This one’s for all those men and women who think they’re entitled to everything over and beyond everyone else):

5- On the other hand, Imran Khan did what seemed impossible until now. Women had been barred from voting in polls in Upper Dir by the social setup of the locality. Breaking the chains in one blow, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) supremo gave the party ticket for the upcoming elections from Upper Dir to a woman. Turning the tables, now the men will have to vote for a woman if they support PTI. 

Presenting the breaker of chains, Hameeda Shahid, a brave daughter of Pakistan:

Here’s another woman from Saudi Arabia, breaking barriers: 

While universities continue to fail to curb misogynistic mindsets and a person said this:


But the graduate apologised and promised to amend his mistake, something that warrants appreciation. After all, this is a learning process. 

Others continued to justify (via unnamed/fake accounts) his previous actions (The ones that he apologised for himself) and tried to use religion for the justification:

On the other hand, NUST tweeted from its official handle that the university would take appropriate action.