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Youm-e-Al Quds, Jummaatul Wida observed with due sanctity

KARACHI: People from different walks of life here on Friday observed Youm-e-Al Quds as an occasion to register their protest against the unlawful occupation of Jerusalem by Israel and atrocities committed against the inhabitants of Palestine.

The day is being observed on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan for almost 50 years and tends to be an occasion reminding people of the religious, as well as historic importance of Al Quds as Qibla-e-Awaal, located in Jerusalem prior to its re-positioning to Makkah Mukarrama.

The day assumes all the more importance as it coincides with Jummat-ul-Wida that again is of extreme religious significance for the believers during which special prayers are made for forgiveness and salvation in this world and hereafter.

Karachi administration had made special arrangements to facilitate people visiting mosques and open spaces required to accommodate additional numbers of people, ensuring their presence for the special day.

Security arrangements were beefed up on the occasion with equal attention towards needed cover to the designated route allowed to different religious as well as political and non-political organizations taking out processions to mark their support for the people of Palestine.

The processions taken out on the culmination of Friday prayers were restricted to a particular route so that routine life of people may not be disturbed nor the traffic flow is interrupted.

Participants of the processions carrying placards and raising slogans were critical of the fact that Muslims, whether they are Palestinians or Kashmiris, are denied their right to self-determination.

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