Pakistan delegation not allowed to attend Academic conference in Indian university


NEW DEHLI: Pakistani delegation has not been allowed by Indian government to participate in Academic conference held in an Indian University.
As per media reports, spokesperson of Indian interior Ministry has said on the reports regarding the matter of not allowing Pakistani delegation to participate in the academic conference held in Ashoka University in Haryana India that the participation of Pakistan or other countries depends on their relationship with India.
‘’The relationship with that country and the reports of agencies are kept in view in connection with their participation in the conference’’, he said this while talking to media men.
He further said that if the relationship with a country is positive than all things go ahead unhindered and with ease.
It is to be mentioned that the relationship between Pakistan and India are in tense from 2016 when 17 Indian army officers were killed in an attack on a camp of Indian forces in Uri sector.
India allegedly shifted the responsibility of this attack on the terrorists in Pakistan, however Pakistan had denied those allegations strictly. The relations between both countries could not be normalised after this incident and the reports regarding ban on films, actors by the both countries come to public.