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Lahore’s private school suspends 1,200 students over fee issue

LAHORE: A private school on Friday sent suspension notices to at least 1,200 students enrolled in different campuses all over the city because the parents had allegedly not paid the summer vacation fee.

It is pertinent to mention here that these notices are being sent to the students despite clear instructions by the Supreme Court and Lahore High Court for issuing new fee challans. Parents of these kids had demanded the school’s management to charge the legally approved amount of fee. However, the school’s management suspended the students instead.

According to the Parents Actions Committee (PAC), this is a clear violation of Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Education Act 2014. They have also claimed that there are some other schools which have refused to hand over the end of term reports due to the fee issue.

According to some parents, students from campuses of the school in other cities were also sent back home. Parents of students have demanded legal action against the educational institute for charging exorbitant fees.

According to parents and guardians, schools had been increasing their fees beyond the set limit, making education a burden.

Moreover, the issue of fees being charged for summer vacations has also been taken to the court time and again in various cities of the country.

Every year, the education ministry issues circulars, urging parents not to pay summer vacation fees and warning the private school managements no to charge parents for summer vacations.

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