Fahad Mustafa giving SRK vibes in first look of Load Wedding


Earlier this year, there was a cute announcement and a heads-up for the audience to save the date for the biggest wedding of the year.

It was none other than Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza’s next project ‘Load Wedding’ that is set to release this Eid ul Azha.

The announcement was a little out of the ordinary as a mehndi-style basket packed with mithai hit was delivered to our doorstep. After almost mistaking it for a wedding invite, the card dangling from the hem read the name of the movie. One could easily tell that as creative as the announcement was, one can only expect it to be the most-talked-about wedding this season.

The film will feature Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat as its lead pair. The on-screen couple was last seen in Actor In Law.

Thus, as we wait for the wedding, the preparations have already begun. Just yesterday the ‘first look’ of Load Wedding was rolled out on all social media platforms.

The ‘look’ featured Fahad Mustafa donning a moustache and wearing a red scarf that reads ‘SORRY’ as he walks through a bazaar (market).

From what we assume, it could only mean that lover boy made a terrible mistake and is looking to apologise to the lady he is wooing.

The first look at the picture and we thought the Fahad, right here, reminded us of King Khan.

Is it just us, or is he giving us some major Shah Rukh Khan vibes from Mohabbatein? Replace the sweater with the red scarf of course.

Image result for srk mohabbatein

Maybe just a little? Or Aamir Khan from Fanaa?

Image result for Aamir Khan Fanaa

We’d like to think there is more of an SRK resemblance rather than Aamir Khan.

As soon as the picture was released celebrities and fellow Twitterati shared their first thoughts about the picture and anticipation for the upcoming movie.


What are your thoughts?