Pakistan among top plastic dumpers in rivers: report


ISLAMABAD: According to a United Nations (UN) report, 300 million tonnes is being produced every year in today’s word-nearly equal to the weight of the entire world population. Out of this, staggering eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean’s of the world, flowing down the world’s rivers, which is a direct threat to the global maritime environment from the cities around the globe, reported a local English newspaper.

The report further mentioned that out of the world’s rivers, 10 carry more than 90 per cent of the plastic waste which ends up in the oceans.

Chinese Yangtze River leads with 1.467 million tonnes while Pakistan’s Indus River is at second place with 164,332 tonnes and Chinese Yellow River is at third place with 124,249 tonnes.

Like other countries, Pakistan municipal authorities and environmental regulatory bodies have remained unable to implement their respective laws and regulations to stop the dumping of garbage on such a huge scale into the rivers.