Imran Khan tried to sexually harass me, alleges Reham Khan


Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, has alleged that Imran sexually harassed her before they got married.

During a TV program on local media outlet, the TV anchor commented on her to-be-launched book and talked about the second meeting with Imran Khan before their marriage.

“Imran invited me to his house before marriage. Since it was just our second meeting, I was quite worried that why he invited me to his house. Being careful, I asked one of my friends to wait outside Bani Gala, telling her that if something goes wrong, I will call her and we can leave,” she was quoted by the local media outlet as saying.

The anchor elaborated the incident mentioned by Reham, saying, “Imran asked her to go on a walk when she reached Bani Gala. After looking at my heels, he said they are quite high, how will you walk in them? I then took off my heels, put them in my bag and took out another pair of shoes.”

“During this walk, Imran sometimes talked about his politics, his kids and sometimes complimented me as well. We then had food after which, he tried to ‘sexually harass’ me,” the anchor quoted Reham.

“I got afraid and thought why I had come there. I pushed Imran away. That’s when he said I know you are not such a girl, this is why I want to marry you. I said you have gone crazy. I don’t even know you and you are asking me to marry you,” the anchor narrated.

In her soon to be released ‘tell-all’ book, Reham also shared an incident from the 2014 sit-in when she was handed a phone with an open text message on the screen by Imran’s sister, Aleema Khan. The text received on a mobile phone belonging to Imran’s second sister, Rubina and it read: “Haram Khan is here, looking victorious and the PTI girls have sat her in the front row,” claimed Reham.

Imran’s former wife has also shared the distasteful Imran and his sister Rubina shared. “Aleema told me quite clearly that Imran was not a brother rather a commodity for her. We have to get where we want with him. So I don’t think of him as a sister would.”

Furthermore, Reham also drew a comparison of Imran’s relation with his sisters to that of her association with her brother saying her brother was gentle.


Along with Imran’s sister, Reham also wrote about Imran Khan’s sons from marriage with Jemima Khan. “It was Suleiman that disturbed me the most. I had never seen such a sad looking boy. He was nervous and unsure of himself, and I didn’t see him smile once the entire evening,” wrote Reham, adding she wanted to hug the young boy.

She once again compared Qasim and Suleiman with her own son, Sahir, who according to her, was sitting with Imran and talking confidently.

About Qasim Ali Khan, Reham claimed that Jemima was on phone with him after discovering cannabis from his jacket. “He was doing weed with Jemima’s brother, his own uncle,” claimed Reham.

The book is expected to be launched in London in the next few days, but actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, Imran’s friend Zulfi Bukhari, former cricketer Wasim Akram and others have already sent notices to Reham Khan over the contents of the book.


Earlier it was inadvertently reported that Imran Khan was called ‘haram Khan’ by his sister, which is not the case. The error is regretted. 


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