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Analysis of candidates impossible without key declarations, says ECP

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday deduced that a proper analysis of the nomination papers for the general elections candidates is not possible if the key declarations have been omitted from the papers by the parliament.

The process of filling the nominations papers for the elections began on Monday itself. According to a local media report, The essentially required declarations and other information deleted in the new nomination forms included declaration on outstanding loans obtained from any bank, etc, in the name of candidates or their spouses or dependents, declaration on default in payment of government dues or utility charges, lists containing names of spouse and dependents, declaration about companies owned by the candidates or any dependants, declaration of net assets of current and previous financial year and difference between the two, value of assets among others.

The last day of submitting the nomination forms is June 8 and the apex court is yet to give its final word, following which the ECP will decide how to move.

However, Leader of Opposition in the Senate Sherry Rehman defended the nomination forms prepared by parliament and claimed that nothing significant had been changed.

She pointed out that the national tax number did not pertain to individuals anymore and the Federal Board of Revenue could easily track individuals via their computerised national identity cards.

She also stated that any other information like educational qualification had nothing to do with constitutional disqualification.

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