Justice Khosa decides record number of criminal cases


ISLAMABAD: Amid the ever-increasing number of pending cases in the Supreme Court, there is some good news too-a special bench led by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa has decided 10,000 criminal cases since 2014, reported a local English newspaper.

The total number of pending cases in the top court has reached to 40,000 and few hundred criminal cases are left, which is considered to be a landmark for the top court, especially of the senior most judge of the court, Justice Khosa, who will be the next chief justice of Pakistan.

Muhammad Raheem Awan, Secretary to the Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP), told media that special bench led by Justice Khosa has decided almost 10,000 criminal cases since 2014 and only 526 criminal pleas are pending at the Principal Registry, which were expected to be decided till August.