Imran not important enough for me to get involved in his ex-wife’s book: Haqqani


LAHORE: Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani has denied media reports of him helping Reham Khan with getting her book on her ex-husband, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan published.

Denying the reports, he said, “This report is factually incorrect and I am saddened that Pakistani media outlets have run it without at least checking with me first. I am not in the business of ghostwriting, nor am I a literary agent, or publisher’s representative. If Imran is having a problem with his wife writing a tell-all book, he should discuss it with her without invoking my name without any basis.”

Explaining his meeting with Reham in London, the former ambassador said, “I ran into Reham and her son at Harvey Nichols. We had a civil, social conversation like any two Pakistanis running into each other should. It had nothing to do with her book or publishing arrangements. I respect Reham as I respect all current and former members of the journalist fraternity and am appalled by the nastiness of attacks on her. Clearly, some people are panicking about Reham’s forthcoming book and their state of panic and fear about me has been surreal for years. I assure Imran that I have never taken him seriously enough to get involved in the publication of his former wife’s memoirs. He should turn his attention elsewhere.”

Earlier, the Pakistani media had reported that Reham had sought Haqqani’s assistance to get her book published. The reports further stated that Reham and Haqqani’s meeting in London was for this very purpose.