Federal govt appoints blue-eyed officials at Port Qasim Authority

  • Mehmood Farooqi appointed at PQA on PM’s directives despite lack of experience

KARACHI: The federal government has appointed blue-eyed officials at the Port Qasim Authority (PQA) in Karachi and the authorities have promoted many officials despite several objections raised by the auditor general of Pakistan (AGP), it was learnt.

Sources told Pakistan Today that the auditor general of Pakistan pointed out the illegalities in a recent report in the appointment of Mehmood Zameer Farooqi and two other officers regarding their initial appointment on deputation and then confirmation in Port Qasim Authority.

The AGP also recommended the PQA management to terminate the services of three officials including Farooqi and constitute an inquiry committee to probe the violations and find those responsible. It also asked to recover Rs57.311 million paid to these officials as salaries and perks without any delay.

According to details, Farooqi had joined PQA in grade18 as deputy secretary on a contract basis in February 2009 after the orders came from prime minister’s secretariat. Prior to his joining the PQA, the said official was serving as an informant in Intelligence Bureau (IB). Though his service in IB was informal and did not fall under any service rules, he was still considered for the job at Port Qasim Authority by prime minister’s secretariat.

Thereafter on November 28, 2012, Farooqi was posted in National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) on deputation basis and his notification was revised by Establishment Division on December 19, 2012, to post him one step higher as director in grade 19 in NACTA on a deputation basis.

Mehmood Farooqi was, however, sent back to PQA due to his poor performance and lack of experience by NACTA management.

When contacted, Mehmood Zameer Farooqi said that he was victimised earlier in NACTA and now at PQA due to his honesty, and claimed that some corrupt elements of NACTA and PQA wanted to harm him. He added that he was appointed in Port Qasim Authority on prime minister’s directive and he possessed the appropriate degree and experience for the post.

He said that he never remained the part of Intelligence Bureau (IB) as an informant.

Replying to a question, he said that he was sent to PQA as he pointed out some irregularities in NACTA.

PQA Director General Administration Syed Sajjad Hyder Shah, however, told Pakistan Today that appointment of Mehmood Zameer Farooqi was totally illegal, as also declared by the AGP. Unfortunately, due to his [Farooqi’s] influence, the management of PQA was reluctant to take action against him.

Shah added that Farooqi was appointed without any advertisement, test and interview and he had only three months of experience from IB. He added that promotion of Farooqi was also carried out of the book.

Replying to a question, Shah said that due to illegalities in his service record, the official lawyer of the authority also refused to defend him in courts.